No Prerequisites for Hypertext, Sign Up Today

Just a note to clarify: as a newbie, I misunderstood the LITT program's policy on 2000 level courses, and there are NO PREREQUISITES for either the Hypertext or the New Media Studies course. What's more, even though it is at 8:30AM (ugh), the Hypertext course is going to be fun, fascinating even. Although I don't yet have access to enrollment information, I've heard from a colleague that while the New Media Studies course is filling up quickly, there aren't yet quite as many folks enrolled in the Foundations of Hypertext course. I'd sure hate to see it cancelled. Students who sign up for the Hypertext course are sure to get more individual attention, and I'll be honest with you, they will get to read some damn fine literature. Just look at the cover of the Cortazar volume–it's saucy. Other works we'll read include a gripping hypertext retelling of the Frankenstein story from a feminist perspective, short stories in which parts of the body make their way out into the world, and many other great glimpses of nonlinear storytelling. There's even a movie involved–and there's no time like first thing in the morning for nonlinear thinking. Furthermore, I can nearly guarantee you that I'm going to like my students in this course. It takes a certain level of courage to come to a nontraditional literature class that early in the morning–courage that will be rewarded with my professorly admiration. I'll provide coffee before class to students who need a little pickmeup. Sign up today.

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