Okay so I'm in Jersey Now

I recently transplanted from Chicago to New Jersey and I'm preparing for a semester of fun and adventure with the best students Richard Stockton College has to offer, the kind of students who would see a listing for a challenging course in something like Foundations of Hypertext or Introduction to New Media Studies and say “If that's not me, I don't know what me is. Because I like to try new things. Because I like adventure. Because I want to learn and do things with computers that . . . thrill me.”

The purpose of this blog will mainly be to communicate with the students in my courses, to make note of interesting web vistas, and maybe the occassional observation or crank comment. This isn't my diary, or my platform to take pot shots at folks I disagree with (like some blogs). I hope I can avoid that kind of verbal diary-a.

This is a test of the text. This is only a test.

Nos vemos en el futuro.

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