ABR New Media Studies Focus

So I just read my intro to the ABR New Media Studies focus with a combination of elation and fear. It's always strange when you write something and then someone else edits it and then the next time you see it is in print and out on its own in the world where a dozen or more people will read it. On the one hand, I love the illustration. On the other hand, one of the changes I sent in only got halfway through. “literary critic editor Joseph Tabbi” should have been just “literary critic Joseph Tabbi.” Shite. But typos happen. Well, I'm happy to see it in print and spotted no aggregious errors other than that one.

It's funny, as a Web writer, I've grown accustomed to the luxury of spotting errors, only to chuckle, leap in, and edit them. The frightening fixity of print . . . Lilliputian, should have that been capitalized? Net or 'net? And how did I let myself use argues and arguably in the same sentence?

Regardless (or irregardless, as Grandma always says, whether or not that has a shade of sense, the ir to it), the New Media Studies issue is out. I haven't had a chance to enage in the always-mortifying round of typo-spotting on the actual print issue, but I think that the batch of reviews will offer its readers a fairly good impression of what New Media Studies is, is in the process of becoming, or might yet be.


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