No Lawsuit After All

Just a quick note to note that several people have emailed me to ask what lawsuit I was talking about when I posted that last post quickly while demonstrating to my New Media Students how to post.

After the Unknown collaboratively wrote this letter to Steve Bentz, proprietor of Pages for All Ages, who had more or less sent us a kind of halfassed cease and desist order for mentioning his store in the aging but exuberant hypertext novel, he responded politely, saying

> Dear Mr. Gillespie (and associates),
> Thanks much for your note. I never imagined that I'd actually receive a reply to my original email, much less one running to six pages in length. Honestly, I assumed that the posting in question was from an “orphaned” site–part of a prank created long ago and since forgotten by its author. Anyway, I gladly withdraw my (rather poorly worded, I'm afraid) request that the page be removed from the web. My concern was that it might confuse people wanting to access our website, but this, as you've so eloquently and exhaustively argued, is just our tough luck. I can say with absolute certainty that there was never any intention at Pages For All Ages of taking legal action over this thing.

So that's good. Anyway, just in case any more relatives or longlost pals email to ask about the litigation (people actually read this thing, I guess, so maybe I should write in it — or at least post recipes — coming soon) nothing going on there, nothing to worry about at least. The main reason we got our undies in such a bundle was that we've been waiting for years for Microsoft, Bertellsman, or Ted Turner to come after us . . . maybe that would have sold some books.


And nuff snow already I thought South Jersey was supposed to be balmy in comparison to Chicago. Flooding expected this weekend.

I vote against the war on Iraq and want the Bush adminstration to bring back the Work Programs Administration, specifically so that he can employ artists to make sculptures from snow in times of Northeastern emergency.

Oh hey, here's a link to a video of Joe Futrelle reading my poem You Are Dreaming of a Poem at the Newspoetry year-end Newspoetry RIP bash which I regretfully did not attend at the turn of the New Year. I'm grateful to Joe for his rendition. I think that's the first time I've been . . . er . . . published . . . in that fashion. How do I cite that on my vita?

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