Andre Karpov Flash

Recently, someone on Webartery sent out a link to Andre Karpov's Little Red Likelihood, a slick music/and/flash narrative piece. I spent a chunk of the morning looking at some of karpov's other pieces, particularly the animations. Lots of disturbing but beautiful imagery, obsessions with birth, rebirth, depression, self-destruction.

Karpov's site also includes a sketchbook of drawings and a gallery of paintings/photos/digital manipulations as well as a couple of “moving words” poems. I thought that romans and the red ants was the better of the two, makes nice use of a “substitute/stretchtext” kind of hypertext and nicely echoes many of the themes implicit in Karpov's imagery. The technique remined me a little of Judd Morrisey and Lori Talley's The Jew's Daughter.

karpov: Image from Andre Karpov's sketchbook

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