New works, DAC, ELO Audio

Just a few quick various links.

Rod Coover's Cultures in Webs CD-ROM, a kind of anthropological journey featuring hypermedia essays about documentary filmmaking, photography and new media is now available from Eastgate. I saw an early version of some of the work on the CD, and can attest that Rod's video of Ghana and wine country in France are worth the price of admission.

Stuart Moulthrop has released a fascinating new work, Pax, which is informed by John Cayley's idea of text instruments, and which features an interface driven by naked bodies falling through space. By selecting the bodies of individual characters, the reader builds one narrative from many potential narratives. At first glance, it seems like one of the most fully fleshed projects of Moulthrop's considerable ouvre.

Wish I were at DAC in Melbourne, Australia — but several attendee/participants have done a great job of collectively blogging the conference in progress, so that even those of us stranded in the swamps of Jersey can get an impression of what's new in Digital Arts and Culture.

Finally, the folks at the Digital Cultures Project at UCSB have done a great job of archiving the April exLiterature Conference. The website now includes a complete audio archive of the conference.

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