Proud of my (new media) brother

I'm very proud of my youngest brother Eric, who recently graduated cum laude from Dartmouth.
ericgrad: Eric John Rettberg with me at his graduation from Dartmouth.
Eric won the top prize in Literature at Dartmouth, the Perkins Prize for Literature (English), and additionally won the John G. Kemeny Innovative Software Design Prize from the Computer Science department (even though he wasn't a computer science student) for his senior project and thesis, a new media artwork/interpretation of Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons called Tender Buttons/Tender Keys. The project, a Mac Flash projector file, can be downloaded from the above link. The paper that accompanied the project did an excellent job of contextualizing the artwork as a postmodernist interpretation of Stein, and shows that Eric has great potential as a new media/literature scholar. He'll be applying to PhD programs in the coming year. Although I've warned him of the obstacles he'll encounter while slogging through his twenties in grad school, he's decided to forget law school and join the professoriate, and I couldn't be prouder of him for choosing this path.

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