Written in the Flesh

Talking on the phone with Shelley Jackson yesterday, the hypertext pioneer, illustrator and author of The Melancholy of Anatomy discussed plans for what may be her most interesting use of multimedia to date. Shelley's working on a story called “Skin” which will be published on the flesh of volunteer participants in the form of single-word tattoos. I trust that every word in the story will count. There are sure to be some unique challenges to this form of publication — i.e. the participants won't necessarily get to choose which word they'll be inscribed with. Shelley published a call for participants in the latest issue of Cabinet magazine and will shortly be publishing a more thorough explanation on her website's news section. Got some free ankle space? Here's your chance to be part of a unique literary experience.

Here's a picture of Shelley at work in her studio in Brooklyn, first thing in the morning about a month ago (she let me crash on her couch inbetween Jersey and LaGuardia). That girl can be out on the town until the wee hours and still get up and write.

Sept 1st Update: Read the call for flesh.

Shelley Jackson at Work:

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