Go Cubs

Just a quick note to say it is driving me absolutely nuts that I can't watch the Cubs on any kind of regular basis out here in Philly Land. It's the last week of the season, and as of tonight they're a half game in front of the Astros in first place in the NL Central. Looks like the Cubs might take the division for the first time since 1989. They've got a relatively soft schedule the rest of the week (looks like right now they're giving Cincinnati another whuppin, though the Pirates have been a bit tougher). Hopefully the Astros will succumb to the Brewers — Go Brewers! I love this bit of the season, when every game matters.

And incidentally, screw St. Louis.

No hard feelings to the Phillies, though, poor guys. Looks like they're letting their wild card slip away. Didn't bother me at all the way they shellacked the Cubs earlier in the season. Not in the least. Heck I'd like to see Cubs/Phillies National League Championship. At least I'd be able to watch the games on TV. If the Cubs via some miracle got that far, and won, it'd be the first time that happened since something like 1945. And don't even mention winning the World Series. That was something like 1908. Hell would freeze over and Chicago would party for a month.

The Cubs in the playoffs? I think I'm about to get really homesick.


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