Paul Bremer's a Pretty Smart Guy

I just watched about 45 minutes of a news conference on rebuilding Iraq, and I was impressed with Paul Bremer. But I don't think he should be in charge of rebuilding Iraq. I think that after President Bush and the majority of his administration step down, we should put Paul Bremer in charge of the interim authority in charge of rebuilding America. Somebody's going to have to run the show in a responsible manner until we're able to elect a legitimate government, and I think Bremer's got the chops. Colin Powell's pretty smart too, I think we should give him some kind of title like interim vice-administrator, and kick the rest of the bums out. And give Madeline Albright some kind of title as well, Secretary of State or something. Bring back Bill Clinton for a few months and let him handle GW's photo ops. Get Gore on the interim EPA. Give Rumsfield, Cheney, and Jr. Texas as a kind of parting gift, but build some kind of wall around it, just in case they get any more bright ideas.

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