Blogs for NMS Project

My students in New Media Studies are doing a collaborative weblog review project coinciding with Jill Walker's upcoming visit (Dec. 3rd). I've been trying to put together a list of blogs that represents the breadth of approaches that people are taking to the medium, and ranging from student blogs to those of professional researchers and writers to group blogs, from comic blogs to political blogs to confessional blogs. The next couple of weeks are going to be blogomania in New Media Studies.

In Monday's class we're going to do a bit of transcontinental iChatting with Professor Walker about her weblog definition and bounce around some ideas for the project. A tentative list of blogs that students will choose from for the assignment:

Open-Eyed Prayer
Razor’s Edge
What’s in Rebecca’s Pocket
Grand Text Auto
This Modern World
Smart Mobs (Howard Rheingold)
Doc Searls
Steven Johnson
Scott McCloud
William Gibson
Lawrence Lessig
Liz Lawley
Matt Kirschenbaum
Blog Sisters
Boing Boing
Jason Rhody
Gonzola Frasca
Justin Hall
Frank Schaap
Where is Raed?
Text America (Moblog)
Rachet Up
Caterina Fake
Howard Dean
Hannah's House
My trailer is bigger than your trailer
Mise en Place

For amusement only:
The Dullest Blog in the World

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