I like having a static blogroll

Blogrolling, a service that lets users maintain links on their blogs and indicates which sites have been updated, is useful, but today, as Blogrolling was hacked and became useless for several hours, I thought about why I've never minded not having the feature enabled on this blog. I sort of like the links staying where they are, and staying simple. I like diving into sites I haven't visited for a while and being surprised by what's been going on. In some ways, I like my “surfin” (oh so 90s) to be blind. No temporal hierarchy. I'm just as likely to be surprised by something Gillespie did six months ago as by something Chan did last week, or Kirschenbaum did yesterday. For instance, I don't give a hoot when Rageboy last updated, I'm only going to want to see what he's been up to once a month or so (and then I'll be sort of well pleasantly bemused or amused or mused in some way). My links aren't all meant to be urgent.

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