Smart Kid Writes Essay About "The Meddlesome Passenger"

Hey — this makes my night. Robert Ford, a student in Matt Kirschenbaum's Spring 2003 graduate Introduction to Digital Studies course, just published Scott Rettberg’s Writerly Text, “The Meddlesome Passenger”: Reading as Writing/Consumption as Production, a reading of my hyperfiction “The Meddlesome Passenger” in the context of Roland Barthes' concept of the writerly text. This Ford is one smart guy, he pretty much got it, and I'm grateful to have that kind of attentive reader. The essay was published on Wordcircuits in a collection along with several other essays from Kirschenbaum's seminar, titled “E-Lit Up Close.”

One bummer — I just realized that the javascripts that deliver half the text of “The Meddlesome Passenger” don't friggin work in Safari. So if you want to read it, open up Explorer.

While I'm pimping critical reaction to my own recent work: I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't more reaction to Kind of Blue, that is disappointed until I realized that it had been written up (alright well a line or two) in both The Honolulu Advertiser and in some Italian newspaper. Forget The New York Review of Books — the best kind of criticism is criticism in a language you can't even read.

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