the Annual Stockton State of the Soup preference survey

At the start of each semester on the first day of class, I distribute a brief questionnaire and ask the students to briefly interview and introduce each other. It usually serves to break the ice a bit. I usually include the final question “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?” but because it was so cold this morning, I changed the final question to “What is your favorite flavor of soup?” and the results from all three classes are in. Chicken noodle soup is predictably the winner with ten votes (not even counting Chicken with Stars, which I was instructed NOT to include with chicken noodle soup, as noodles and stars are more or less completely different things), though New England clam chowder pulled a close second with eight votes. The “Potato Soup Family” — cream of potato, potato leek, and baked potato soup, collectively drew 5 votes. The survey was most notable for the diversity of soups which Stockton students prefer. The complete results:

The State of the Soup

Chicken Noodle 10 votes

(plus 1 vote for Chicken with Stars)

New England Clam Chowder 8 votes

Tomato 5 votes

(plus 1 vote for Tomato Alphabet Soup)

Onion 3 votes

Cream of Potato 3 votes

Potato Leek 1 vote

Baked Potato 1 vote

Ramen 3 votes

Broccoli and Cheese 2 votes

Minestrone 2 votes

Cream of Broccoli 1 vote

Plain Chicken Broth 1 vote

Tortellini 1 vote

Sausage Tortellini 1 vote

Vegetable 1 vote

Italian Wedding 1 vote

Cream of Mushroom 1 vote

Duck Soup 1 vote

Cream of Carrot 1 vote

Lentil and Vegetable 1 vote

Bean and Bacon 1 vote

Manhattan Clam Chowder 1 vote

Chicken Corn Chowder 1 vote

Won-ton 1 vote

Miso 1 vote

Pasta Fazool 1 vote

Beef Barley 1 vote

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