A Googled Story

He talked too much / that got him into big trouble / She went on for hours / without actually saying anything

Several of the wise men in India had told the king at different times that he talked too much. This always threw him into a great rage. Tilden, who was born in 1893 and died in 1953, indulged in another obsession: one that got him into big trouble. I could deal with that. But one day my baby started crying and she went on for hours and nothing that I did helped. Even a complete simpleton, such as Trolley, could amass a huge number of posts without actually saying anything. And he talked too much. He talked ever so much too much. Sir Richmond also thought that the doctor talked too much. One more time, Phil Mickelson's bravado got him into big trouble. She went on for hours and hours actually becoming more and more energized the longer she shopped.

Karl Krogstad is Seattle's most colorfully self-promoting independent experimental filmmaker, which is saying something (without actually saying anything). In the next days I interviewed adults in Anthony's life. His teacher told me he talked too much; I thought, maybe he talks too much because nobody listens. He has accused a number of other rappers of being fakers — which has got him into big trouble in the past. Sandra was all too happy to hear that some members like photos with balloons. She went on for hours only stopped when we had no more balloons. Sounds like one of those messages you get at the end of an EPCOT ride — the ones that are supposed to make you feel optimistic without actually saying anything.

In Russia, leaders have to be staying somewhere and the people are far from
them. He talked too much. He'd be in the presence of the people too much. The flight almost got him into big trouble with the government. Fowler had agreed to take birds-eye photos for Sunset Magazine. “They were absent for a chunk of her testimony, as she said barely a good word about the man she killed, as she went on for hours, quietly and tearfully, with words” he says. “There are all sorts of ways of communicating with each other without actually saying anything.”

He had an enormous talent and he knew it. He talked too much and had no respect for anyone and that was his undoing. So he takes it. Even as a boy Babe Ruth was generous. But sometimes, it got him into big trouble. She went on for hours and hours and hours and hours and finally I said, “Hey! I don't come into your dreams, do I?” because they might offend voters so they are going to talk for five minutes about how important the question is without actually saying anything substantive at all. In truth, Max was the archetypal self-destructing candidate. He talked too much and too loudly before, during and after his interviews. He has spent much of the past decade in Bolivia trying to find out how they evolve. At times the quest has got him into big trouble, he tells Maggie McDonald. She went on for hours as her kids came to the table with dirty diapers and runny noses demanding her attention: “to just jump, to throw myself onto nothing, to separate myself from the tangible, to illustrate what I finally meant to say, without actually saying anything.”

He talked too much between songs (crap about staying together and stuff; shades of Corgan!). But you will understand if he decides to keep the cap on his royal fountain pen. Those letters have got him into big trouble. And when I told my Aunt the horrible news, she went on for hours. But I'll bet you never heard this old tale, which can make a page look very “clever” without actually saying anything! Personally, I would have picked the first guy (he talked too much, but I liked him) 🙂 I'm a little confused why they are casting a teen girl, when he has 2 boys. Blume's early days as a renegade dental hygienist got him into big trouble with the guild. I remember childhood lectures where she went on for hours (no exaggeration) about how God will get you if you do the wrong thing. It works well sometimes, while at others I actually find myself amused at how long some people can go on without actually saying anything of substance.

Cause of Death: Shot through the head at point blank range with an ancient Casull .434 Revolver as he talked too much rubbish to a nervous Decker in his group. Griff Sanders' wild ways (he rolled a cigarette and ate a bag of chips on the grass) got him into big trouble with the bosses of Devon bowling. “He was wonderful. He had dreams. He wanted to explore space.” She went on for hours telling me about him. I grew to love the man too. I didn't know him (psychology or values or the state of society or anything else), this could be considered context, but art can exist without actually saying anything—it can. These things, he suspects, may have made him cynical and worked upon him until he talked too much about it. And then Morgan launched into his third possibility for improving Appalachian economic life, a set of suggestions that got him into big trouble.

When she got to writing, she went on for hours without taking a rest: “… invisible to memory, and a belief that their vaunted “songwriting” requires nought but muttering lots and lots of words without actually saying anything at all.”

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