Rettberg on Mars

To celebrate his 60th Birthday, my Dad is taking a trip with my Mom and Chris and Mike Scott to Germany next week. I was talking on the phone with my Dad tonight, and googled up some German Rettbergs they might look up while they're over there (our strand of the family came over some time around the turn of the last century). The most interesting German Rettberg I ran across seems to be Dr. Petra Rettberg, the first Rettberg on Mars


(ok so she didn't actually go there, but spent some time on the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, investigating the UVfiltering effect of natural soils). Also notable — the musical playwright Rolf Rettberg — he's got MP3s online from Hundert Wasser. Not to mention the very talented Wiesbaden goldsmith Rene Rettberg, and of course the paralell systems designer Achim Rettberg (frankly the most brilliant Rettberg I've never met).

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