Goodbye Nate Forneris

I just found out that in July a friend of mine from college was found dead in his apartment in Duluth, Minnesota from an apparent suicide. Nate and I acted in the Coe College production of Christopher Durang's The Marriage of Bette and Boo way back in 1990, we were in writing workshops together, and we hung out with same crowd. He was a pistol, a wiry energetic guy into music and theatrics, and he was a talented performer with a great, if sometimes moody, sense of humor. I hadn't seen Nate since college, for 15 years, but it still comes as a shock to hear that he's gone. And strange to run across his memorial on the web, learning about the parts of his life other than the couple of years I knew him. He continued acting after college, and it looks like he also had a following in Duluth as a DJ. A lot of people cared about him over the course of his life, a lot of people liked him. Damn shame, and a horrible waste of a fine life. Happy trails, Nate.

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