Norway is a lot nicer this time of year, when it's light out for about 17 hours a day, than it was the last time I visited in February, when it was light out about 6 hours of the day. Yesterday Jill and I climbed Ulriken, the highest mountain in Bergen. Thought the hike over a boulder path made me wish that I'd brought better shoes, it was a great feeling making it to the top, and the views were magnificent. One of the features of the mountains around here are the small lakes scattered around the mountains at higher elevations. While the mountains around Bergen are now public land, some families own small cabins in the mountains that have been in their family for generations. While huffing up to the top, we saw a couple of men in their 60s or 70s sprinting up and down the mountain. Apparently there are a few Bergeners who have done this daily for the majority of their lives.


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