Unknown for the iPod

Last week Dirk Stratton and William Gillespie of the Unknown visited for a few days of leisure and work on the grand old hypertext novel. While I cooked seafood, Dirk finally proofread much of The Unknown while William harvested a bunch of audio from some old tapes of performances I had gathering dust in a box. The end goal of that project is Unknown for the iPod — we have about 5 hours of high quality recordings of full scenes from the Unknown. After all of these are converted to MP3s, people will be able to put together a playlist of Unknown. If you put the playlist on shuffleplay, you have a rough approximation of an Unknown reading. About 17 readings over 5 years will be represented in the project. William promises a box set on CD by Christmas, and the MP3s will also be freely released on the Spineless label. We also tried to find the Wildwood disc golf course, which had evidently been torn down some time ago. It's a shame that disc golf never really caught on Jersey.


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