I Can't Sleep, Can't Stop Thinking About Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

I've got to be at school for precepting day at 9AM tomorrow but I can't sleep until I know about OHIO. Cuyahoga County, come on, Cuyahoga County. It hasn't been a great election so far. Republicans maintain their majority in the Senate and the House (or gain), and the map is about as polarized as you can get it. But hey, they're gonna do Stem Cell research in California. Superman would proud. Superman, where are you now? Fly on out to Cuyahoga County. Oh, that's right, he's dead. Help! Someone, anyone. Spiderman?

I'm also cheering for my own personal index of states where I've lived. My native Illinois has done me proud. Obama suggests that some kind of future might be possible for democracy in the U.S. regardless of whatever damage this election does to us. Just look at that margin for Kerry. And New Jersey? Battleground state, my behind. Jersey did us proud. My only remaining concerns in my personal index? Iowa, where I attended Coe College (trending Kerry). Wisconsin, where I lived for nine glorious months in Madison before grad school (record turnout, trending Kerry, way to go Wisconsin). And last but not least, OHIO, where I did my Ph.D. Come on, OHIO. Please, please, buckeyes, whatever, don't let me down. Let's make that whole personal index blue.

Must . . . win . . . OHIO.

Must . . . sleep.

I'm guessing nightmares about the Supreme Court will leave me with spooky eyes tomorrow morning.

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