Mystery House Taken Over

I've just completed my first foray into interactive fiction, which has been published as “Mystery House Remixedup” on the Turbulence site, where it is downloadable along with other MHTO projects. I was working at a technically rudimentary level, just subsituting the text, inserting new texts, and changing a few images. Many of the others involved in the project are experienced IF authors who did a lot of work on the level of code. At any rate, the projects together form a fascinating “mod” project you should check out. The “kit” to work on the project is also available. My new media studies students are currently working on their mods.

From Nick's announcement:

The MHTO Occupation Force is pleased to announce the launch of Mystery House Taken Over.

The Mystery House Advance Team – Nick Montfort, Dan Shiovitz, and Emily Short – has reverse engineered Mystery House, the first graphical adventure game. Members of the Advance Team have reimplemented it in a modern, cross-platform, free language for interactive fiction development, and have fashioned a kit to allow others to easily modify this early game.

Modified versions of Mystery House have been created by the elite Mystery House Occupation Force, consisting of individuals from the interactive fiction, electronic literature, and net art communities:

  • Adam Cadre (Varicella, Photopia)
  • Daniel Garrido, a.k.a. dhan (Ocaso Mortal)
  • Michael Gentry (Little Blue Men, Anchorhead)
  • Yune Kyung Lee & Yoon Ha Lee (The Moonlit Tower, Swanglass)
  • Nick Montfort (Ad Verbum, Implementation)
  • Scott Rettberg (The Unknown, Implementation)
  • Dan Shiovitz (Lethe Flow Phoenix, Bad Machine)
  • Emily Short (Savoir-Faire, City of Secrets)
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