Migration in Progress

I’m in the process of getting my old files timestamped and categorized. After some difficulty trying to get my data migrated from Manila, I managed to export the text as an RSS feed and import into WordPress that way, but the timestamps didn’t come through, and the image links have stayed to the files at Caxton. Jill generously spent much of her Friday night helping me restamp dates. Things’ll be in progress for a while, but I’m pretty happy I managed to get the data over, and it’s been interesting reading the old posts and creating categories on the basis of their content. Anyway, that’s why April 1st appears to have been so prolific, and why some very old news is up on the front page.

Update: Part one of the migration is now complete — all the posts from caxton have been migrated and metatagged/put into categories. This should make the blog more accessible than it was in manila, although I wish that categories in WordPress worked more like tags in flickr. I’ve seen a plugin that could change WP to a more tag-based system, but I think I’ll wait until it’s part of the WP core.

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