Quick trip to Providence

Shortly after my next class, I’m hitting the highway for a quick trip to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where I’m giving a talk tomorrow titled “Electronic Writing from Hypertext to the Network Novel.” I’m also going to attend William Gillespie‘s thesis reading tomorrow night, 8 PM at the Family Theater. William has told me to pack my suit and call bell, so an Unknown reading may be in the offing. Congrats on the MFA, William. I’ve had a chance to preview William’s book, Keyholes, evidence that Gillespie’s time at Brown was time well spent.

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  1. Oh, neat! When/where is the talk?

    Er, and I may or may not remember to check back on this page; so if you’d email me the information I’d be most appreciative. If the talk is public, of course. 🙂

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