Working Backwards, Creating a Richer Archive, Double Posting

I’ve decided to put some energy into to using this site to create a richer archive of my blogging and other web writing. I’m test-driving ecto, a desktop blogging tool for offline editing, which makes posting to more than one blog fairly easy. I’ve decided to post my Grand Text Auto posts here as well as at GTxA, though discussion will be enabled on those posts only at GTxA, which I’ll link from each archived post. I’ll also post some of the articles and book reviews I wrote 1997-2000 when I was doing the Authors site at the Mining Company ( I like the idea of creating a rich, searchable archive of all my serialized webwriting in one place.

It was actually great fun going back through the old posts on this blog and categorizing them. I also printed off the whole blog as a single .pdf — it was kind of an interesting exercise reading through it. I realized that I had never really thought of my blog in any other way than as a single page with ten or fifteen recent entries. It was strange to see the whole thing in one 179 page doc. I’d imagine something like Jill’s blog or GTxA would generate a mammoth file.

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