Another Semester Come and Gone

I just turned in final grades! A weeklong marathon of about 70 final papers and projects has come to an end! Let summer begin!

Actually, let planning for summer school begin — my next term starts in 9 days.

My head is filled with pedagogical lessons from this term, which went well, but from which I can learn a great deal. I’ll have to note those — maybe this afternoon. Or Tuesday. Right now, I’ve got some tomato plants, strawberry plants, and basil to get in the ground. It’s gardening season again.

I have a busy summer planned, including a bit of teaching at Stockton, a bunch of writing, some editing, some submission of finished writing, some work on ELO projects, some QT with my girlfriend, an epic family trip to the Grand Canyon, and a week of lectures in Norway before the season’s through. Not to mention the beach. It’s unfortunately not yet beach weather. Today I feel like it should be 80 degrees and I should be in swimming trunks. Ah well, 58 degrees and weeding in the garden will have to do.

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