Teaching in Norway

Over the next week, I’m teaching one-third of a combined advanced undergraduate and graduate seminar in Digital Media Aesthetics at the University of Bergen, Norway. I’m there to provide an overview of electronic literature. We’re going to cram quite a bit into the week. It should be interesting, trying to cover most what I usually cover in a semester in 5 two-hour classes. I’m also looking foward to working with the UiB students, about half of whom will be grad students. Here’s our plan for the week.

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  1. Yes, it was a busy week. I wish we had a bit more time. It was a very good group of students, very pleasant to work with. The advantage of this type of course is that you’ll all come out with a good overview of new media, between the sampler of electronic literature you got this week, the games studies you’ll be covering next, and the digital art Jill will be teaching later in the semester.

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