35 Scooter, 20 C * 3

35 Scooter

You oxen, whet, spark hole
of magic, jived. Boo! Quiz:
You see politician who care?
Vex me: joke, quag, zip!
Feed bag of lies to
Our media; quick jab hope.
Ax view of yon zoo.

My 35th birthday conincided with “Fitzmas,” the indictment of Scooter Libby and the confirmation of a deeply troubling culture of corruption in the White House. This 35 word response is based on the 20 consonant poem structure as follows:


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  1. this is a wildly amusing idea. my question is, was the consenant poem structure something you randomly typed out, or was it artificially produced in some fashion?

    i’m definitely going to try this one.

    (i dig your blog.)

  2. William Gillespie invented the 20 consonant form. It wasn’t random. I made of list of consonants and crossed them out as I wrote the poem. More 20 consonant poems can be found at Spineless Books.

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