Home Run

Home Run

This weekend I made it home to Chicago for a quick visit, and got to watch the Cubs at Wrigley for their second home game. The wind chill was about 20F, but you still can’t beat fun at the old ball park. Derek Lee came up with the clutch homer. The Cubs ended up beating the Cardinals 3-2.

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  1. Hey, been meaning to comment on your impending move, but I’d rather comment about the Cubs. Can you believe we moved to Scottsdale and managed to completely skip Spring Training. We didn’t see one single game–a 100% reduction from the Cubs-A’s game we saw last year on vacation. What the f*? I did, however, see the entire San Fran Giants warming up at their practice facility. They practice three blocks away from our new home. The 7’2″ 420 lb guy had to be Barry Bonds.

  2. Scott,

    That’s sort of profoundly sad. I mean, they’re in your back yard. And I anticipate the games were warmer in Arizona than they’ll be in Chicago for the next month or so.

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