Electronic Literature Collection, Volume One

Electronic Literature Collection, Volume One

The Electronic Literature Collection Volume One, which I edited along with Nick Montfort, Katherine Hayles, and Stephanie Strickland, has been published. Nick sent along an instant message with visual verification. The Collection, which includes 60 works of electronic literature published under a Creative Commons license, will shortly be available for free from the Electronic Literature Organization via download or physical CD-ROM.

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  1. Alas, this photo of me, haggard and in my nightwear, is now made public. I’m too elated at the completion of the Electronic Literature Collection volume 1 to complain very much, though.

  2. KF — Thanks! We’re really looking forward to people like you using it in classes.

    And just an FYI Nick — in most parts of the world, a white T-shirt does not nightwear make.

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