Thing 10: After Dream Dialog

After Dream Dialog

-I dreamed I was in prison
what prison?
-it was like a prison on TV
what were the charges?
-I’m not sure
like on what show?
-I don’t know don’t interrupt
-you were a guard
I don’t like where this is going
-no you were pretending to be
a correctional officer?
-to break me out
did I sneak in like a file, or?
-I’m not sure
did it work?
-we were just talking I’m not
I’m mean I’m sure I’d try
-you hadn’t yet
I’d work something out
-it was bad in there
like bad in what way
-the people
the people were what criminals?
-that’s right
well I’d try, I mean I might
-you might?
I might hire a lawyer first
-you wouldn’t come and save me?
well I would, love, but gunplay
-you’d break me out, wouldn’t
gunplay’s not my forte
-you wouldn’t, would you?
I’d try baby, I’d try
-in my dream you were going to
I’d negotiate or whatever

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