A Few New Features, and a Lot of Words

The past six weeks have been a busy time. In addition to the 28 things I created during thing-a-day month, I managed to get my application at UiB filed and to complete the drafts of my World of Warcraft chapter and DAC essay. If you look to the right column, you’ll also notice that I’ve been sprucing things up here in blogland as well. I finally transfered my blogroll over from my previous blog (a year and a half later), so there are lots of good links there for the surfing. I also posted links to my new media writing projects and some old media writing projects. When I was going through my files, I even ran across the ms. for Piercing Through, a play I wrote while I was in grad school that was performed as staged reading in Cincinnati a decade ago next month. Not that I’m feeling old or anything. You’ll also find the PDF of The Unknown, an Anthology there, though if you actually want to hold the volume in your hands you should buy a copy from Spineless. I’ve put up some nicely formatted versions of scholarly publications, both published and in progress. The WoW chapter and the DAC essay are both a draft away from finished, but I figured, whatever, someone might be interested in what I’ve been working on lately. And now a momentary sigh before the next wave of deadlines . . .

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  1. “Playing World of Warcraft, sometimes referred to by its seven million (and more by the time you read this) players as “World of Warcrack” is indeed a compelling experience.”

    This sentence really made me blink. The other day blizzard announced they had reached 8.5 million players. How fast can they grow. Its almost insane

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