Conferences and Presentations 2007

I’ve got a busy conference calender this year. If the funding all comes through, this is what my agenda for the year looks like. I’m hoping to get several papers finished in the coming months, and to get my book proposal finished. Hopefully these conferences will both motivate me to finish several works in progress and serve as grist for the mill on the book project. We’re also planning on applying for funding to build a Scandinavian/European research network on electronic literature and to host a couple of conferences at the University of Bergen over the next few years, and I’m hoping that these trips will help to get the ball rolling on that.

April 2-5th — Raine Koskimaa has invited me to Jysvaskyla, Finland, to participate in two events, the “Soul of the Reader” seminar, where I’ll be giving a talk on “Changing Modes of Reading and Collective Authorship” on April 3rd, and a symposium on Digital Literature on April 4th. I’m looking forward to catching up with my Finnish friends and to meeting the other digital authors and scholars from all over Europe who are participating in the seminar. I’ve also been promised/threatened an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

April 25-27th — At the Media in Transition 5 Conference on creativity, ownershp, and collaboration in the digital age at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I’ll be on a panel with Nick Montfort and Jill Walker, and I’ll be presenting a paper on appropriation in electronic literature.

May 2-4th — I’ll be participating in the ELO’s Symposium on the Future of Electronic Literature at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities in College Park, Maryland. I’ll be on a panel on process-intensive literature along with Nick Montfort, Talan Memmott, Stephanie Strickland, Rob Kendall, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin. While it may be difficult to slip a word in edgewise with that crew, my intention is talk briefly about the writing-process side of process-intensivity, and the relationship between electronic literature and constrained writing practices of other kinds. I’ll also be participating the in the ELO board of directors meeting on the 4th.

May 17 — Electronic Literature Collection release event at the Institute of Creative Technologies at De Montfort University in Leicester, England. I’ll be joining Chris Joseph, Kate Pullinger, John Cayley, and John Ingold at an event showcasing and celebrating the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume One.

May 20-23 — I’m planning on attending the E-Poetry 2007 conference in Paris. While I have no plans to present here, I’m looking forward to catching up with e-lit friends, to building relationships with the Parisian e-lit crowd, and to seeing the latest work of the electronic poetry crown. Plus, Paris!

July 4-6 — At the Remediating Literature Conference at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, I’ll be giving a talk on electronic literature in the context of 20th century avant-garde movements. This conference will include keynotes by Marie Laure Ryan, Samuel Weber, Katherine Hayles, and Jan Baetens.

September 15-18 — I’ll be at the 2007 Digital Arts and Culture Conference in Perth, Australia, presenting a paper titled “Dada Redux: Elements of Dadaist Practice in Contemporary Electronic Literature.”

October 1st? — Though the exact date of the opening isn’t down yet, along with the rest of Grand Text Auto, I’ll be exhibiting in a group show at The Beall Center for Art and Technology the University of California, Irvine. The opening will include a reading by The Unknown and a GTxA panel discussion. The Unknown and Implementation will both be exhibited in the show.

It should be a heck of a year, not even taking into account the main event, the wedding in June. I’m excited about all of it.

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