Electronic Literature Poster

On Monday, we’re going to be at a department seminar in Solstrand. In the fall, Humanistic Informatics is becoming part of a larger department, with the easy-to-remember acronym of AHKKNT (just think of the noise you make when clearing your throat). The new mega-department will include us, linguistics, computational linguistics, art history, classic philology, theater, nordic studies, and possibly comparative literature (I think). We’re going to get together for a couple of days at a hotel to figure out if we can all work together by eating little finger sandwiches and having drinks together, and swimming together in the same pool while comparing computer games and electronic literature to the works of Aristotle, Saussure, Ibsen, and Munch. Should be an interesting hydra-headed group. My boss asked me to prepare a poster for the gathering highlighting the work Jill and I do in electronic literature. Click on the pic below for a larger version.


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