(Process-Intensive) Literature

These are the slides from my 6-minute talk at the ELO Future of Electronic Literature Symposium, not the talk itself, but a rough outline of it. Maybe after I finish the overdue article I’m writing I’ll replace this text with some explanation of what I actually said, but I know William Wend was looking for these, and since he’s like one of the only people who ever comments on this blog I thought he’d appreciate it. The discussion that followed the panel presentations was very good.

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3 comments on “(Process-Intensive) Literature
  1. Matt K. says:

    Hey dude, that’s my thumb in slide 5.

    Talk about appropriation. 🙂

  2. Scott says:

    Yes, I fear that many of these pictures were appropriated, including that of your thumb, though at the time, I thought it was Nick’s thumb.

  3. William Wend says:

    Thanks Scott! I updated my notes to include your presentation.

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