Getting Translated . . . into Bulgarian

The internet works in mysterious and sometimes wonderful ways. Yesterday I got an email from Reneta Bozhankova of the faculty of Slavic Studies at Sofia University Bulgaria on behalf of a journal called Literaturata (The Literature), asking if they could translate my essay “All Together Now: Collective Knowledge, Collective Narratives, and Architectures of Participation” into Bulgarian. I had to get out a map to remind me where Bulgaria actually is, but I’m pleased as punch that somebody wants to take the effort to translate some of my writing, particularly into a language I have no hope of understanding. A revised version of that essay will also be coming out next year in New Narratives: Theory and Practice, Thomas Browan and Ruth Page, eds. published by University of Nebraska Press, but I’m glad that the Bulgarians will be able to read it in their native tongue first. Now if we could only find some Romanians willing to translate The Unknown . . .

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  1. Hi Scott,

    If you want to have the Unkown translated in Romanian I could help. I am a native Romanian speaker. We can discuss about this by e-mail.

    Have a nice day!


  2. Cezar,

    Are you kidding? I’d love to have the Unknown translated into Romanian. Even just a few scenes would be great!

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