Frequency: Of (Charlie)

OF (Charlie)

of you I can say so little

Charlie took little interest in the minutiae of the reception, whatever she wanted was good with him. He just wanted to check the guest list, and make sure a few names weren’t on it.

of what came through

Charlie was always attracted to patterns. In spite of all the turmoil in his life, or perhaps because of it, he retained a deep appreciation of symmetry.

of these people what can we say

Charlie liked some of her friends, others he tolerated.

of her spell

Charlie had grown accustomed to the idea that Helen could no longer be a part of even his secret life, but there she was, and her presence was devastating.

of his time picture a long way down

Charlie has still got a lot of life in front of him, but he had seen things and done things and been through things that took a lot out of him. You can see it in his face.

of land take only little

The city spread out below like a glittering empire, and Charlie nearly wept at the sight of it.

of home we ask why here

Charlie’s brother Johnnie was always a moody kid, downcast and shaggy, like a young John Lennon on a rainy day, but with much less talent, and no vision to speak of.

of her on this day

Charlie considered himself lucky that she still had the capacity for so much joy, even after everything. He wasn’t sure he deserved her. He did not.

of what use I will write

Truth be told, Charlie wasn’t big on ceremonies of any kind. Too many people gathered in one place at one time felt risky to him, and flower arrangements inevitably reminded him of funerals.

of my people I should learn more

Charlie was reluctant to introduce her to the shadowy figures from his past, but he had to include them. He was not the type to forget old friendships or old obligations.

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