Frequency: The (frequency)

THE (frequency)

the word will not be said

He thought and rethought the specifics of the proposal with such frequency that he began to fear it would become an unhealthy obsession.

the hand should point to play

Her sister was a new ager who had knit the child a garment she said represented every frequency of harmonic motion, whatever that was supposed to mean.

the water came and went through us

The wedding planning served as a kind of distraction, but the memory of the child haunted each of their dreams with a great deal of frequency.

the time came to part

A simple ceremony at the courthouse with a justice of the peace who every Saturday would marry couples at a frequency of twenty minutes or so per union. In and out and on to the next, no big fuss. They thought it would be simpler that way.

the boy in you should turn back

It wasn’t the ceremony she dreamed of with such frequency when she was a child, but it would do. A big show would have been inappropriate, given everything that had happened.

the house was not a home

She thought with great frequency that whole summer of her child and the life that might have been.

the world must see another end

He couldn’t help but look at Helen with great frequency throughout the party, though he knew he should have been focused on his bride. She came as Johnnie’s date, a cruel joke in itself.

the word we would first write then say

He was there physically, but mentally he was tuned into some other frequency.

the men follow us down

It was a sensation of living on borrowed time. He felt like he was letting it ride in Vegas. A rush while he was still winning, but the laws of probability such that the house will eventually take you down, it’s a matter of trying to defy an almost certainty, a rule of frequency.

the answer is not a number

He saw her smile that day with a frequency he had not seen in years.

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