Frequency: As (applies)

AS (applies)

as if you could tell me

Howard applies a certain skepticism to what he is told about the operation in Iran, as the information comes from someone who takes special pleasure in lording his security clearance over everybody else in the group. Know-it-all says that something big will happen there soon, though he won’t say what. Maybe he’s right. Probably he just watches the Sunday talk shows like everybody else.

as if these words could make you live

Roger applies for a grant to study the monumental art of ancient cultures, and he is shocked when he gets it, and so he finds himself expending precious fossil fuels flying across the ocean to find himself wandering among obelisks on well-tended greens. If they speak to him, he does not hear them, and they can’t explain what they mean. But they do inspire.

as I turn away from you

Helen applies some effort toward getting past her past, though she never really succeeds.

as we turn off a little more each day

Both Charlie and Anna understand that they are going through a pivotal period in their relationship, and as much as they both try, they move a little further away each day. Charlie applies for a new passport. He says it is for business, but they both know better.

as the spell would work no more

The blue dogs are running a hell of a campaign against his boy down in Georgia, so Dave applies some of the old tricks, using codewords for race and class, manufacturing some inconsistencies in the old boy’s service record, even digging up a few choice details from the divorce papers. He even works in the phrase “soft on homosexuals.” Still, they keep turning it back on him, and the polls don’t look good. Once those dogs got sink their teeth in they don’t let go.

as you see oil and water

Somehow Johnnie ends up driving Anna to the rehearsal dinner, and the old awkwardness between them still applies. She knew he thought she was backing Charlie into formalizing their bond, tenuous now as it had ever been, and he knew she thought he was probably hopped up on coke or something worse. At least one of them was right.

as a new hand would try to move us

Helen applies for a marketing job at Google and the interview goes well. The hours are long, but the options are satisfying, and there’s a luxury bus with wireless that picks her up in front of her house every morning, and she joins a company tai chi group that instills a new sense of harmony.

as we see each other even now

Maggie applies for an experimental treatment a specialist recommends, but she’s already ruled out the most exhaustive chemo regimen as an endgame. She doesn’t want to spend the last of her days hairless and nauseated. She doesn’t want to put that on her friends, or on her father. Some days takes the likelihood of her immanent death surprisingly calmly, preferring a quick exit to a prolonged sickness. Other days she wants to tear a hole in the world and sneak right out of it.

as you turn away from me

Howard applies for a transfer out of the bioterrorism unit after only a couple of months on the job. The ambiguity and the magnitude of the threats are just too much for him to deal with logically, and the enthusiasm with which some of the people on his team discuss disease just creeps him out.

as we think and turn it over

Kent flips the condo and applies for another mortgage, and is fucking amazed at how little collateral he actually needs to have to get it, even with his shaky credit history. They don’t even bother to check.

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