Frequency: For (qualified)

FOR (qualified)

for you I would write a page

Dave felt fully qualified to spin even the most embarrassing of personal failings into a two or three point bump in the polls. If Bill Clinton taught us anything, it’s that Americans love contrition.

for your mean hand would be still

Dave paid interns to pick through garbage left in dumpsters behind the enemy’s campaign headquarters. That qualified as academic research, in his book.

for even little men have their part in change

Howard understood that sacrifices have to be made for security far more than he understood what qualified as irony.

for us I would think and long

Both Anna and Charlie spent far more time than their therapists thought they should choosing the grave site and struggling with the few words the space on the stone allowed to sum up the all-too-brief life of their child. At a certain point it had become a morbid kind of self-indulgence, but it qualified as a kind of bonding, in a way.

for time will form a different picture than your own

At a certain point in his career as an artist, Roger was both uncomfortable describing himself as an artist, given the modesty of successes, and yet also deeply certain that he was not qualified to be anything else.

for each man will go down the same

Howard was too surrounded by the fear to let it bother him very much, but he couldn’t avoid doing calculations as he walked down the street of any major city. Which building qualified as a target, how many causalities one could expect given the worst case scenario. It was not paranoia, just a kind of heightened awareness of possible outcomes.

for our people we found little here

Johnnie’s career as a musician never really qualified as a job or as a calling for that matter. Johnnie was into Rock and Roll because it was the easiest way to justify his attitude, and he didn’t stick with it for too long.

for air we must live on

Helen was well qualified as an interior designer, and she had a good sense of wide open spaces. She looked for light, air, and spaces that didn’t feel enclosed.

for we must change and move on

Helen had never qualified a relationship as serious. She never expected it to last, and wasn’t really sure if she wanted it to.

for she went out and the day went down

Maggie, who in the past qualified mornings almost exclusively in terms of drivetimes and lattés, finds herself putting time into sunrises, the cacophony of birdsongs, the feeling of the cool mist on her skin, slowly and gently warming.

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