Frequency: His (psychological)

HIS (psychological)

his part in this is small

Howard always enjoys poker night with the boys from risk assessment. He rarely wins, but the psychological thrill of taking down an anxious actuary with real math skills cannot be overstated.

his animal will think on it

A psychological profile of Kent would describe a man who easily gives in to his impulses. Never call him Clark or he might put on a show.

his three men will come for you

Insofar as some of the people he had been associated with were involved in organized crime, Charlie’s experience of that world had been nothing like the Godfather or the Sopranos or any other of those stereotypes. They were businessmen. Threats, while real, were mostly psychological. He was not a made man or even an Italian, and this reflected in his work. Charlie had not ever been involved, for instance, in an actual murder.

his work will come to an end

Roger’s shift from being a “studio artist” to becoming a “site-specific artist” was mostly a psychological one, but it got him out and about more often.

his read on this is off the page

When his work took him to hostile environments, Howard always thought to check his own psychological state. Sometimes a crowd of teenage boys running down a road, for instance, is just a crowd of teenage boys running down a road. Other times, the same sensory input could yield a different response, and make Howard want to flee.

his turn is over

Terror is a context-sensitive psychological state. Something that seems innocuous, or even beautiful, in one context can seem a horrifying and deadly threat in another.

his house is not a home

At a certain point they both realized they would need some psychological help, some sort of mediation, to get through it, to shorten the distance between them, to survive.

his need to think is not great

Johnnie never obfuscated the purpose of his use of hallucinogenics. He never considered them “mind-expanding” substances, he simply wanted to use them periodically to alter his psychological state, to get “fucked up” in the sense of switching the television to a different channel he did not ordinarily subscribe to.

his sound did make us change

Johnnie had a type of psychological addiction to the club lifestyle. He was never a big dancer, but the music, the smoke, and all the bodies throbbing, put him into a sort of flow state, in which past and future didn’t seem to matter, present transcendent.

his first call did not bring us home

They went through with the funeral ceremony at the church, and though they did not believe in God, the ritual was itself a kind of cold comfort, a psychological ice-pack.

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