Frequency: In (Pacific)

IN (Pacific)

in time will we learn

The salt of the Pacific on her skin the smell of cypress filling her nostrils and the ache of the hike in her thighs made Maggie feel right, just right. It was the perfect place, and the perfect time, to let her family know about the disease and her decision.

in number there were many

How many ports had he been to? How many times had he crossed the Atlantic and Pacific, not as some noble explorer, but as a mere messenger, an expert in regulations concerning shipping containers and the threats that they might pose to us.

in a great place now

“When the Pacific floods California, I’ll be diving down.”
“Don’t bogart that joint, Johnnie.”

in the long sentence of time

“Mostly I moved here to be closer to the Pacific. Just love the ocean breezes. And I have back problems so the medical marijuana doesn’t hurt.”

in America you were different

The infrastructure security in Micronesia is appalling. Some of the softest targets in the Pacific region.

in each line I see you

She sends him a letter from the Pacific coast, and he opens it while looking out over the Atlantic from the Jersey shore.

in answer to your letter

These soothing Pacific nights haven’t changed me bro. I’m hell bent on burning up my inheritance and picking up the pieces when I get back East. Next stop, Vegas.

in no way could they be right

Everywhere he went on that Pacific trip, Howard saw fragility and vulnerability. He felt like a man sent to photograph mansions made of playing cards that someday would, inevitably, fall.

in her will to change again

Helen took in a sunset over the peaceful Pacific, feeling far away from everything that had come before, but still wondering where her hunger might next lead her.

in the old man a boy at play

She was glad that they found time to walk together along the Pacific shore. Her father brought along a couple of gloves and they played catch like they used to. Maggie could tell he wanted to see her smile, and there was no easy way for him to get her to that place, but she tried, for him, tried to feel happy.

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