Frequency: Is (dirty)

IS (dirty)

is it you

Dave sent Jenny a dozen white roses and a note filled with a hundred dirty notions.

is it long before the end

Howard strained to be polite as the local officials took him to their places of pride. He felt bad sometimes. You show me your beautiful gardens and all I have for you in return are my thoughts of dirty bombs.

is this thing on

Dave during a Jenny assignation: I might be dirty, sweetheart, but I’m no old man.

is it my turn

Howard had the sense that if a car bomb were to explode in Tokyo, it would just be swept into the roar of crowd and commerce, disposed of silently between rushing commuters like all the other dirty things on the streets of this metropolis, this giant robot of a place.

is that place different from home

Helen’s California dreams are often more abstract and distant than sentimental or dirty. The idea that one can go no further than this shore appeals to her, and she often walks the beach alone.

is it time for a change

Given the right timing in an area with a high population density, even one dirty bomb could take take out hundreds of people. Shopping malls, commuter trains, places of worship.

is he there with you now

In spite of the now platonic state of their relationship and the fact that he had no leg to stand on, no claims to make, just the thought of Helen with another man made Charlie’s skin crawl, made him feel dirty inside.

is the picture different than before

Howard was no Howard Hughes. He wasn’t the type to cover his furniture in plastic, though he did sometimes use a handkerchief as a prophylactic layer between a doorknob and his hand, and he knew that from the macro lens view, even the cleanest of rooms is crawling with tiny dirty things. As for paranoia, in this day and age, it’s only prudent to feel like you are always being watched.

is it your first time

During a hiatus from Jenny, Dave went to Asia for a bit of sexual tourism, and he felt so dirty that for months afterwards he could only bring himself to work for evangelical Republicans.

is good in there

Howard appreciated the tour of the semiconductor factory very much, every surface of his body covered in hypoallergenic fabric, every instrument secured, every worker silently intent, a cool room that smelled not overpoweringly of disinfectant. Not at all dirty, a very clean room.

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