Frequency: It (determination)

IT (determination)

it was then that she went to him

Maggie thought often of her mother, an immigrant and survivor, who had lived with such strength and determination, but had died so comparatively young.

it could change the world

Maggie had once been a farm girl, a 4H-er who had won prizes for gargantuan vegetables and fatted calves. She thought back on that girl, so full of energy and determination, and she loved that earlier self in a way that was more melancholic than narcissistic.

it is more picture than word

Howard tries to avoid feeling cynical about his work, though he would be a fool not to. He attempts to find some reserve of determination in the fact that the sacrifices that others are making in the name of the same cause are so much more profound, and so much more senseless, than his own.

it made us part

In spite of his determination and resolve, Charlie could not shake the image from his head. He slept less and less, spent more time at work, smoked like a chimney.

it would work in the end

We simplify and mythologize the lives of previous generations. We admire their determination and Technicolor optimism. We dress like them at costume parties, listen to their music, and make their fashions new again. We grow warm with false memories, with imaginary nostalgia. We make-believe that their lives were ever so much simpler than our own infinitely complex duration.

it is good to be home again

Ralph and Maggie spent the night going through the box of things her mother had preserved from her own childhood. Maggie admired the determination on the face of her grandmother, readying the family for the journey to a new world. She hugged her father in the warmth of the flickering firelight.

it could turn out to be different

With hard work and determination, they could make it work, they could get past it this time, they could have a family again and do all those things that normal people do to feel happy together, whatever those things are.

it is a mean sentence

Roger pretended that the reviewer’s determination that his work was “austere, cold, and lifeless” did not bother him, but in reality, he found himself torn between a kind of infinite resignation and a desire to tear the man limb from limb.

it was not my place

Dave’s sister’s determination was that his gift to the nephew had been too extravagant. He had shown up his lily-livered brother-in-law and somehow exacerbated tensions. Extravagant. The christ. The damn thing wasn’t even new, he got it used on eBay. Poor kid would end up even more fucked up than his bible-beating parents if they kept it up was Dave’s humble opinion.

it could come from water or the air

Howard’s group had arrived at the determination that another horrific attack on the homeland was an actuarial certainty. The question was not if but how and when it would occur.

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