Frequency: On (medicine)

ON (medicine)

on that little can be said

Anna took the pills the doctor prescribed, while Charlie’s medicine was mostly scotch and a few other bad habits he had nearly left behind.

on this thing I can say little

At the anthrax seminar Howard reflected that satellite images of major cities have a similar abstract quality to macro images of diseased organs. Howard watched Powerpoint presentations about impossible distributions of medicine and supplies. Howard imagined an army of nurses in HAZMAT suits dispatched across the metropolis like an astronaut invasion.

on the day of the end I will form a still point

Johnnie decided to leave Los Angeles the day that he saw some kid on meth pummel another kid nearly to death over a vial of ADHD medicine in the back of a nightclub. The band didn’t stop playing and nobody jumped in to stop it, not Johnnie, who was feeling the wall for textures at the time, as some girl from Raceida had her hand under his shirt, feeling his chest hairs and playing with his nipples. What frightened Johnnie later was how beautiful it all seemed to him at the time.

on his picture she just put her hand

The medicine numbed her, but did not stop her from weeping for several weeks after it happened. Not hysterical sobbing, but tears just the same. When she was done crying, she would just caress the boy’s picture, or stare off into space.

on my word we will follow you down

Bush’s rhetoric aside, they hadn’t found Bin Laden down any rabbit holes, and Saddam’s hanging was a circus sideshow, hardly the kind of medicine they needed. Just more to hate.

on his hand he could write a line or two

Those couple of months when he was hitting the medicine pretty hard, Charlie saw Jacob’s ladder just about everywhere he turned.

on the day your boy would part from you

The medicine affected Anna’s dreams. They were no less terrifying, just slower. The circus clown with the child’s mirror, lethargically dabbing on the pancake, contemplating what he would take from her next as he painted on his maudlin grin.

on your word

Dave was an agnostic, but he supposed if there was a hell for PR men, he’d just have to get in line and take his medicine.

on her need would he try his kind hand

Sometimes Dave and Jenny got into playing roles. The doctor administering the dose of medicine. The detective and the prostitute. The vice-principal and schoolgirl. Sometimes edgier things. Very kinky stuff they got into.

on word and form he would set his answer down

Roger said that the inspiration for his installation “morgue wall” came to him while he doped up on cough medicine, watching a documentary on television about amputees coming home from the war.

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