Frequency: That (relation)

THAT (relation)

that animal like us

She had the strangest dreams in relation to children, and thought that perhaps they might try again later.

that long day will come

Sometimes Anna would catch a glimpse of a family enjoying what seemed to be a perfect moment, and contrast that image in relation to her own experiences of family life, which were never perfect, if not always completely fucked up.

that look will not help you

The darkest of Maggie’s dreams during that period were in relation to clowns wearing absurd disguises. The treatment of her body had begun to make her feel that everything she had valued in her life before was just another layer, easily peeled off and cast aside. She was afraid of what might be underneath.

that you will take to the air

Their relation would always be strained by their mutual desire for a kind of innocence they had never really shared to begin with.

that word does not mean much

Johnnie smokes a pack a day. He has little concern about health risks and things of that nature. Death doesn’t really concern him. In fact he has little to say in relation to his personal future in general.

that is all what can be said

He had no time for the weekly religious rituals of his aunt and uncle. He went sometimes to please them, but thought church was cold comfort given what God had done to them. In relation to religion, the adult Charlie retained almost nothing except for an odd affection for the song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” which for some reason had comforted him as a child.

that is your long day

Maggie’s relation to time was starting to change. As she contemplated death, she thought more and more often of her childhood, and she began to wonder if her adulthood had been anything but an aftermath.

that picture may part men

Charlie eventually followed advice and sought out the assistance of a therapist in relation to the nightmare that he could not shake. Always the same image, and nothing he could do to stop the water from coming.

that my people call oil

Howard was pragmatic in relation to matters of environmental consciousness. He acknowledged that many of the interests he traveled the world trying to help secure were actually oil interests, but they overlapped with human interests in a variety of ways, in that the outcome, or at least the goal, was the preservation of human life. His sister gave him grief about all his work-related globe-trotting at Thanksgiving, so he started buying carbon credits to cover his jet fuel guilt.

that could be your number

For a period Anna saw everything in nature as in relation to the death of their child. There were a few months when she couldn’t go for a walk without bursting into tears. A cracked robin’s egg, a dead rat, a fallen leaf, roadkill, you name it.

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