Frequency: You (deliberately)

YOU (deliberately)

you make me think

Howard’s job took him many places he would otherwise deliberately avoid, such as the public transit systems of densely populated cities. Even in the safest of metros, Howard eyed the other passengers in a subway car suspiciously and counted coughs, each one a release of airborne viruses. Whenever it was in the least bit appropriate, Howard opted to wear a face mask.

you give me back my world

Roger appreciates preserved architecture, spaces that stand deliberately opposed to modernity and all its compromises.

you ask me for an answer

Maggie announced her resignation without explaining much of her situation. She deliberately avoided discussing her health issues with her colleagues. Some people retire because they want to spend more time with their families. Maggie loved her family too, but the truth was that at this stage in the game, she simply wanted to spend more time with herself.

you must be kind

Roger deliberately quashed his impulse to actually tell his friend what he really thought of her work (grandiose, pretentious, overreaching). Who was he to judge?

you should study and learn

She went to the woods because she wished to live deliberately, or something like that.

you write no more

Charlie and Helen both deliberately avoided contacting each other for months after the wedding. She could be anywhere. Still he felt a yearning and he knew she felt it too.

you are America

Basking in the sun, bursting with optimism, top-heavy, bloated, indebted, arrogant, deliberately over-reaching, full and wanting more.

you are an oil man

To really protect the infrastructure, they would need to put thousands of rusting sites under constant surveillance. Even with seven dollar an hour rent-a-cops the costs would be staggering. Still, Howard sometimes wondered if some of the companies weren’t deliberately lax on security, hoping that some terrorist would see a soft target and make the insurance companies pay for the costs of necessary overhauls they would otherwise have to pass on to their shareholders.

you play around

They both knew the reason why he had never proposed marriage before the accident, and they had both deliberately avoided the subject.

you are mean and old little more

Dave counseled his clients to deliberately shelve their humanity for the duration of the campaign. “You’re not a human at this point, not until you get elected. You’re a candidate, a name, a face. Your opposition is trying to peel that face right off of your head. And they’ll do just that if you don’t get to them first.”

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