Frequency: What (sensible)

WHAT (sensible)

what do you have for me

How Dave talked Jenny into an Italian vacation with four nights in Venice and some “eco-tourism” in Tuscany with plenty of good food and wine as a substitute for the Antarctica cruise is anyone’s guess, but in the end she agreed it was a sensible alternative, and they both agreed the gondola ride was romantic.

what can I do for you

They were talking about how the medieval monks led sensible lives, if you think about it, making wine and their own food, no negative impact on the environment, lives of quiet contemplation. The quiet, the stillness so beautiful, and they were all alone, and had never made it in a place like this before, so soon they were rutting, standing up, her back against the archway. A perfect moment until that brother came walking by in his chastising cassock.

what need have you of us

It seemed like a place where nobody knew about global warming or cared about the latest polls. Not a Wal-Mart in sight, not a McDonald’s for a hundred miles, a place where they had lived the same sensible way of life for centuries. Only problem was Dave’s fucking Blackberry wasn’t working. His clients would be pissed off if he didn’t get back to them by the end of the day.

what does it mean in the end

Dave loves old places, places with monuments that have outlasted generations upon generations of men, places where people had built sensible institutions of power, and architecture that didn’t fall down for centuries after its makers died. This kind of place humbles you, with your petty passing concerns. He loves watching Jenny in this kind of place, her passing beauty in its prime, her wonderful body moving in the light filtered through the dome overhead. He could have been in love.

what kind of play is this

Anna wanted to believe that there was a world beyond the sensible, that there would be a doorway, a shining light, a place where souls could be reunited, a place where the boy still lived, a place where her loved ones were waiting for her to return.

what have you found

Helen tries to live in the world of the sensible. She takes long drives in the Northern California countryside, content with her loneliness, taking in the Republic’s remaining beauty, smelling the fruit farms, basking in the light. Work keeps her busy enough that she hardly thinks of Charlie any more, intensely but rarely. And she can drive on when she does.

what would you take back if you could

It is not sensible to dwell on what is lost. It is not sensible to be afraid of water. It is not sensible to want to cover mirrors. It is not sensible to weep after sunset nearly every night.

what is your read on it

Roger was trying to make a wall of light, a kind of visual equivalent of Spector’s wall of sound. He asked for lasers and the funder approved them. The results were stunning and expensive. It seemed the less sensible the request, the more likely it would be approved. He worked on a proposal for space art through the European Space Agency. He wanted to do something with space junk and reflective paint, to make pollution in the upper atmosphere twinkle in the night.

what you want

Every kid can be a brat sometimes. Charlie found himself regretting things he had said in anger, things that had seemed sensible at the time. If you don’t get up and come with Daddy right now, I’ll leave you behind.

what hand is this so old

Most of the trip was absolutely wonderful, good food, friendly people, la dolce vita and all that. Jenny loved it. Dave thought the Italians were sensible people, good souls who knew how to enjoy life. The only time he really got an anti-American vibe was when he tipped a street violinist with a ten-dollar bill. The guy gave Dave a look like he’d just pissed in the case.

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