Frequeny: From (tied)

FROM (tied)

from one little day to a long year

Maggie contemplated religion, but her desire for consolation tied with her powers of reason, and so she remained agnostic after all.

from our home to your land

As the tide turned on the real estate market, Kent just kept finding new opportunities. He knew that a lot of people were suffering, but he wasn’t the type to get tied up in knots about the plight of the working poor. They should have been smarter about their leverage while they had it.

from one still point

Long before he decided to become a rock star, Johnnie’s desire to become an astronaut was tied only with his burning desire to become a fireman. He knows every word to “Rocket Man” and sings whenever it comes on the juke, and a shiny red fire engine can still make him turn his head.

from your move to my end

For Jenny, Dave is a source of endless frustration and yet also a release mechanism. He is a sort of toxic waste dump for her psyche, tender at times, but in the main enacting most of the attributes she deplores. Every time she moves to break it off, he’s tied it back up again. In some ways she feels it demeans her to be with him. She isn’t going to change him. She wondered if the fact that it feels so dirty and wrong to be with him isn’t half of his appeal.

from the letter to the page

Roger visited his father in the memory loss unit on his eightieth birthday. Roger felt guilt and regret and anger every time he visited the old man. His own sense of shame at the distance between them, so many loose ends that could never be tied off, so much he wished he would have said before it would be immediately forgotten.

from your mother to the end

Looking through the photo album, Maggie mused that even if she tied her mother for longevity, she’d never come close in variety of hair styles. A short life, but every year of it a different look, from beehive to bouffant.

from the study of your page

You wouldn’t think it from talking to him, but Charlie is a great letter-writer, a fan of the pen and ink epistle. That might have been what kept him and Helen at it for so long. They were tied to a mutual love of stamped letters from far off places, his filled with longing, hers scented with perfume, delivered to his office, opened behind closed doors. He had fine stationary that he only used for her.

from our work to your play

One of the reasons Kent loves spending time with Irene the real estate agent is the fact that her profession allows them so many opportunities for love play. She has the keys for all those open houses. He ties her to the bed with silk scarves from the owner’s closest, and licks whipped cream from all over her body. He loves the smell of the apple pie she always puts in the oven. She claims that smell alone can sell a home.

from the same well another water

Charlie and Johnnie are tied together by blood, though in some ways they couldn’t be less alike. Johnnie is sensitive where Charlie is tough. Johnnie is outgoing where Charlie is reserved. Johnnie is bitter where Charlie is resigned. Charlie sometimes makes mistakes where Johnnie actively seeks out dramas.

from water to land

The question of what you might want to do with the last year of your life, it turns out, is easier to answer in the abstract than when you are actually confronted with it. There were of course people she wanted to spend time with, but Maggie wasn’t really tied to any specific agenda or any specific place, only to the dearness of her remaining time.

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