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April 2009

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FINN eiendom – Norges største eiendomsmarked. Søk blant hus og leiligheter, og finn din nye bolig.
Our new place, as of August 1, 2009.
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just spent more money on one item than I have spent on all other items in my life combined. But happy to have a new home.
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put in a bid on a new place this afternoon, and is hoping for the best.
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knows that there is nothing funny about swine flu but can’t help but wish they would use some other more deadly serious latin name involving “ococous” instead though that might be putting lipstick on a pig rather than making a purse out of a sow’s ear wh
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Thanks! Makes me wanna writea newspoem.
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The girls look adorable.
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Bank errors are never in my favor.
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Hey Brad — great to see you, looking well.
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Happy Birthday. I was thinking of you in Amsterdam.
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tried Indonesian food and liked it.
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is considering upcoming weekend in Amsterdam. Is there any art exhibition or event I should see while I’m there?
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Relieved that the wall repair is fairly minor after all, no deadly mold lurking behind the drywall.
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Got my copies of Vagant 2009:1 in the mail yesterday, and the magazine looks great. Including my piece “Ord som kan lyse opp et mørkt rom: Om elektronisk litteratur” as well as a number of other interesting articles, including handwritten death-metal lyrics, a Norwegian translation of a portion of Finnegan’s Wake, and other literary notions. Well worth a read if you read norsk.
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Grand Text Auto » Krannert Art Museum Grand Text Auto Exhibit
Krannert Museum Grand Text Auto exhibit opened this week. The Unknown, Implementation, and Frequency are included. If you’re in the Champaign/Urbana area anytime now through July, stop in an visit it. I’m hoping to pop in and see it sometime in early June.
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is not pleased to learn that the bedroom wall needs to be torn out and replaced, leaving the family homeless from Wednesday through the weekend.
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Finally working on my E-poetry essay, and booked swank pad in Barcelona.
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is celebrating Jessica’s first birthday!
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loves being able to watch cubs game live from Norway on MLB.com.

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Drop me a line once you’re online. Your daughter and I want to know that you’ve arrived safely.
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Back in Bergen after 9 days with family and friends in the UK, though Jill is off to Italy tomorrow. Looking forward to some time with Jessica and Maestro, even though I’ll miss my sweetie.
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Offline in the UK until the 15th.
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is leaving Maestro in the care of loving neighbors to go meet Jessie’s Grandma, Grandpa, and Grandma in England.
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is preparing for the first BBQ of spring.
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horrified by the ruinous passage of time.
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is bummed about a sick cat.
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Hey, workstudyseth, markcmarino here, phoned my buddy Scott in Norway so he could type this message for me and the the message is — get out while you still can. You are one toasted work study if you keep it up. I will have you blackballed.
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is happy to hear that I will receive a small grant from the Norwegian government’s artist’s fund in support of my creative work. This is the first time I’ve gotten state funding for my own work in electronic literature.
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is home recovering from the Nordic Digital Culture network meeting.

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