Facebook Posts: May 2009

May 2009

MAY 31
Scott updated his status.
cracking Roberto Bolaño’s 2666. Nothing says summer to me like a big fat novel and a bit of time to read it.
MAY 30
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back home in Chicago, finally got a good evening’s sleep, though I was up before the crows. Relaxing with friends family and all the Rettberg babies for the next two weeks.
MAY 28
Scott wrote on Laura Borràs’s timeline.
Laura, Just watched the TV show. What a fantastic presentation of e-lit, and what a wonderful conference epoetry festival you put on in Barcelona! You should be extremely proud of the event and the work that you and your team put into it. I know that you will find a way to keep developing the field of electronic literature and the major center of activity you have established in Catalonia. Now make sure you get some vacation time in this summer, and don’t even bring your laptop. You have earned it. Thanks so much for your work on this and all your projects.
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Grand Text Auto showcases electronic literature, interactivity at Krannert Art Museum | The Daily Il
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Riots in Spain as more than 100 Barcelona fans arrested as they celebrate VICTORY in Champions Leagu
We were three blocks from this last night — luckily we were hosting a party up safely on the roof of the flat where we were staying, a block off the Passeig de Gracia. The party ended up going later than intended because of the madness that ensued when Barca won the cup. We heard the volley of gunshots, and saw hundreds of people running on the streets below. I hope everybody got home alright.
Scott wrote on Stacey Platko Tatem’s timeline.
Stacey, Thanks for the wonderful presents. Jessie loves them. We just got home from Barcelona and opened them up. Jessie’s playing with the picnic basket right now. She loves the little ice cream. Love to the Tyler Rose and Jake.
Scott updated his status.
Back in Bergen for 10 hours, then flying to Chicago. Barcelona was fantastic, even after the pickpocket and the soccer riot.
MAY 26
Scott updated his status.
Barcelona is great, except for the pickpockets who hit us on the train last night. Jill’s wallet is now funding drug purchases.
MAY 24
Scott updated his status.
whipping up a storm of tapas for our party.
Scott updated his status.
likes the facebook ads in Barcelona better than the facebook ads in Norway.
MAY 23
Scott updated his status.
Frequency is now as ready as it is going to be for E-Poetry, though my paper on the Last Performance is still a couple of late nights away from ready. Can’t believe I’m sitting in front of a computer writing instead of at the beach.
MAY 22
Scott updated his status.
iberico sandwich, las ramblas, beach, seafood paella, sangria.
MAY 21
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is in Barcelona until the 28th of May.
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Sometimes I feel bad about being a pain in the ass for editors. Other times I want to sign editors up for editing classes, if only to remind them that editing is an activity.
MAY 20
Scott wrote on Megan Rettberg Smith’s timeline.
Happy birthday to Mason James from the Norway Rettbergs. Great shots from your photographer friend. He looks like a little boy model.
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baby music class, art exhibition, lunch, take the baby back home, then office, home, bed, get up, pack, back to the office, home, airport, Barcelona.
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The Believer – Shelley Jackson talks with Vito Acconci
Shelley Jackson and Vito Acconi talk writing, bodies, and public space.
MAY 19
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Your Money – A Consumer’s Guide to the New Credit Card Rules – NYTimes.com
The credit card bill covers about five things that have driven me nuts for years. I’m impressed with how many specific irritating practices the Senate has managed to address. Great to see Congress getting things done that regular people actually care about.
Scott updated his status.
is looking forward to e-poetry in Barcelona, though I wish my piece and paper were ready. We leave Thursday.
Scott updated his status.
the avian swine flu is improbable.
MAY 18
Scott updated his status.
needs more time.
MAY 17
Scott updated his status.
Go Norway! Gratulerer med dagen.
MAY 15
Scott wrote on Jeff Lemberger’s timeline.
The birth as critical illness stuff is uplifting Jeff. Sorry about the status change. How do I arrange for you to cook dinner? We’ll be in town in a couple of weeks. I want to see if you’ve really got cooking chops, or if you just took pictures of other people’s food.
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DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Communitizing Electronic Literature
Here is a preview edition of my essay “Communitizing Electronic Literature,” coming out in Digital Humanities Quarterly. I spent a lot of time last year working on this essay, it is a sort of manifestoish article about the institutional state of electronic literature. The “preview” status means you can help — if you read it and spot any errors, factual or grammatical, please let me know.
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Sold! over takst, down payment on the new place covered.
Scott updated his status.
4 bids in! Looks like our place will sell tonight. Not up to our price yet, but close.
MAY 14
Scott updated his status.
thinks the fact that Pfizer is giving free Viagra to unemployed Americans is the seed of a short story that someone must write.
Scott wrote on Dorene Probst’s timeline.
Happy birthday, Dorene. Many happy returns on the day.
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25 people showed up at the open house. Let the bidding begin. Big money, big money, no whammies!
Scott wrote on Pre-E-Poetry Get Together’s timeline.
Note that this won’t be a virtual event — more of an in-person snacking and talking type of thing.
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Oy! looks like it might rain for our showing today.
MAY 13
Scott updated his status.
is now sporting a transitional goatee.
Scott updated his status.
figuring out life and property insurance.
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Great OS for babies? – Boing Boing
MAY 12
Scott updated his status.
just took the “what philosopher are you?” quiz and the result is “you are not a philosopher, dumbass.”
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coffee at Landmark, working towards working.
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Tokyo Garage
Here is a reading of my generated poem “Tokyo Garage” (http://retts.net/tokyogarage.html) performed by a virtual clown in Beijing.
MAY 11

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Pre E-Poetry Get-together
May 24, 2009 at 1:00pm
Barcelona, Miro VI Duplex
You went
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who is amy
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supports the extraordinary rendition of Dick Cheney to a war crimes tribunal in an undisclosed location. That man should be spending his retirement in a dignified way, recreationally hunting somewhere in Texas with other members of the Bush administration
Scott wrote on Kendra Shedenhelm’s timeline.
Happy Birthday, Kendra. Have a lovely one.
MAY 10
Scott updated his status.
Happy mothers day to all my favorite moms.
Scott updated his status.
back from Oslo, great seminar. I like hanging out with artists.
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HC Gilje switchboard
HC Gilje is a Bergen-based video/multimedia stuff who does excellent work. The iBall project is awesome.
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errant bodies | brandon labelle
Interesting sound art projects, good sense of humor.
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Michelle Teran / Ubermatic / Projects
Cool projects by Michelle Teran, including “parasitic cinema” — guerilla outdoor projection of indoor surveillance cameras on the outside of the buildings being surveilled, and a bus tour visiting youtube performers.
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I am Senis Besmegenis
Senisbesmegenis, blog project by a Bergen artist who has composed 20.5 blogs based on different categories of things he has seen on the streets of his neighborhood in Bergen. Duchampian and silly.
Scott wrote on Ryan Burns’s timeline.
Hey happy birthday man. Good to see you, and glad that you’ll be instructing 2nd graders in the ways of modern manufacturing.
Scott updated his status.
is in Oslo.
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BUU: Bureau for Unstable Urbanism: Cities Re-imagined – announcement
I’ll be showing and talking about Implementation at the Cities Re-imagined seminar at Altier Nord in Oslo this weekend. Looks like it will be an interesting gathering of artists, architects, writers, and academics focused on “unstable urbanism.” Looking forward.
Scott updated his status.
should probably be preparing for the Unstable Urbanism seminar I’m leaving for tomorrow after the meeting with assessor and the photographer and the meeting with the bank tomorrow. Buying and selling real estate is a distracting process.
Scott updated his status.
signed the contracts on the new place today.
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Digital lit: How technology is changing what we read
Scott updated his status.
concocted a masala, garlic, cardamom, brown goat cheese sauce that was delicious over cauliflower.
Scott wrote on Joseph Tabbi’s timeline.
Have a happy one.
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Essay – Bad Eating Makes for Good Reading – NYTimes.com
Nice piece on food in literature.
Scott wrote on Paul Rettberg’s timeline.
Happy Birthday to Ryan from the Norway Rettbergs. Jessica can’t wait to play with her fellow big kid.
Scott updated his status.
is painting.

Scott updated his status.
spring cleaning so that we can sell our flat.
Scott updated his status.
is cleaning out my closets.

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